Dirt Farm Brewing

Dirt Farm Brewing Father's Day Weekend

June 17-18: Father’s Day Weekend and Beer Release

June 17th and 18th
12pm-6pm both days

All Dads deserve #dfb this weekend! We are re-releasing Ogden Pale Ale with a delicious menu…

• Ogden Virginia Pale Ale will release Saturday at 12:00 pm
This beer pays homage to the man with the vision who built his home on the hill, now our taproom. We are so excited….it is made with Virginia grown malt AND we brewed this beer on our 10bbl system for the first time. Those of you who came out our first few months of business (thank you) may have had a taste of Ogden brewed on our pilot system. Come out for its 2-year re-release.

• Dirt Farm Burgers & Brats, Bacon Ranch Tator Salad, JZ Beans, and Crack Corn! YUM.

Thank you, Dads. Come relax on the hill!

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