Dirt Farm Brewing Oysters and Beer

Oyster Festival at Dirt Farm

Come join us for another Oyster Fest!
Sept 22-23 | Saturday & Sunday

The folks at Nomini Bay will be here on the farm selling their oysters fresh from the Northern Neck of VA!

About Nomini Bay Oyster Ranch:
Nomini Bay Oyster Ranch is located on the beautiful Nomini Bay in Montross, Virginia. They are passionate about growing oysters and caring for the river and Bay. They currently own 160 acres of water rights where they care for and raise their oysters. They started with a million baby oysters in early 2014, added an additional 2 million in 2015, another million 2016, and will continue to grow their operations annually.

They focus on raising the highest quality, freshest oysters on the east coast for your enjoyment. Their oysters are hand-selected to provide you with clean, strong, well-shaped shells that always contain plump and delicious meats!

Get them on the 1/2 shell or charbroiled

Oyster Festival Dirt Farm Brewing 2018


Oyster Festival Dirt Farm Brewing 2018


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