Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, Basil Gooden

A Busy Time as a Dirt Farmer

It is indeed a very busy time to be a dirt farmer. 
Planting Strawberries Dirt Farm

We successfully harvested our hops with an impressive yield delivered to our friends at Black Hops Farm in Lucketts for processing.

Trent with Three Monkeys gave us a hand cleaning our Thoroughbred, 6-row barley. 8000 lbs will be sent to Pilot Malt House in Michigan. Why Michigan? We support their business with strong hopes for a Virginia location in the near future!

Our 4-acre strawberry field was planted just before last weeks rain. Y’all can check it out when you visit, on the right as you come in the lane. Strawberry ideas for springtime welcome now! 

Basil Gooden, Secretary of AgricultureThe Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, Basil Gooden paid us a nice visit last week. Bruce enjoyed showing him around the farm. We thanked him for his continued support to agriculture. No farms no beer!

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