America’s Top Breweries in 2021 – Ranked By State

Beer Throne recently came out with an article covering America’s Top Breweries in 2021 – Ranked By State. Beer Throne describes themselves by saying “We are lovers of good local craft beer and enthusiasts of wine, whiskies, bourbons, and coffee. Undergoing new drinking experiences is part of our identity. Each sip awakens our deepest and honest emotions, thus making each moment memorable.”

They recently surveyed their contributors, subscribers, and followers to discover which are the best American microbreweries according to their opinion and when the results came in…we made the list!

In the article they state:

“As craft beer lovers, we are motivated by the brewing culture and our motto is to spread the beer culture in every way possible. Thinking about taking this motivation to a new level, this year we are launching the annual contest for the best brewery by state. Each year, we’ll poll our contributors, followers, and the most active brewing community to find out who the best American microbreweries are in their opinion.”

If you are planning a road trip or you are a fan of trying top notch breweries all around the country, you’ll definitely want to keep this article bookmarked, check it out below!

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