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Dirt Farm Brewing Winter Days Beer Snow Loudoun CountyDirt Farm and Old Man Winter

We are often asked what a good ol’ winter storm on Dirt Farm could possibly be like. Well, it certainly comes with its challenges but is quite peaceful and will slow us down a bit, in a good way. Our family, of all ages can still appreciate a good sledding run when given the opportunity,  but so far not this year! We have had a mild one for sure, allowing us to stay busy with the Dirt Farm winter work. Be sure to come by, there is always something happening (check out our events page). We have new releases and our true standby beers on tap.


Dirt Farm Brewing Barley Farming Beer Loudoun CountyOur Barley is Coming Up!

The farmhands have been busy pruning the orchards and the hop yard received its winter fertilization.

We planted 5 acres of barley last October and the mild winter has it ahead of schedule. Thoroughbred is a high yielding, full season, awned, six-row hulled winter malting barley having very good straw strength, high test weight and bright plump seed. Next time you visit, take a gander in the lower field behind the hop yard and see its progress. Harvest is scheduled for late June with a yield of 3-4000 lbs. It will then be sent for malting.



Dirt Farm Brewing Tanks Beer Loudoun CountyDirt Farm is Growing — More Tanks have Arrived!

The brewhouse received a few new toys!

The installation is underway for two 30 bbl fermenters and a 30 bbl brite tank. This upgrade will allow more time for recipe development in the near future. We hope to be running on it by mid February.

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