No Farms No Beer – It’s in Print!

dirtfarm-idustryvirginia-coverIndustry Virginia’s Spring 2016 Issue has spotlighted Virginia’s craft breweries as a rising star. The article “Toasting Virginia, Craft Breweries” includes interviews with Janell Zurschmeide of Dirt Farm along with O’Connor Brewing, Norfolk Brewery, Strangeways Brewing, a Richmond Brewery, and Beltway Brewing, out of Sterling.

The four interviews are the insight into the state of the industry where we think its is headed. With 142 breweries and climbing there is a lot happening in Loudoun County and the state. We are most proud to be a brewery supporting the growing interest for locally grown and made products. Dirt Farm is a third generation family farm with our recent addition of three of our nephews (oops, misprint stated nieces) proudly stepping into the business.

Check out the article for yourself. It’s a good read for those interested in the growing market as well as getting to know a bit more about these four breweries.

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