Glassical Studios at a Loudoun County Brewery Dirt Farm Brewing

Talk Dirt-y to me

Gabrielle and Thomas Glass, of Glassical Studios, are a musically talented couple that always seem to be on the road.  Between Opera shows and online teaching, they are making their travel days more exciting by making a few stops along the way! One sunny day in June they took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the afternoon on the mountain drinking beer and luckily catching our Nomini Bay Oyster Festival

An excerpt of their blog:

NO FARMS NO BEER! This location is run by the Zurschmeide family, who have been farming in Loudoun County for decades. The name “Dirt Farm” is a tribute to their farming legacy. Founded in 2012, this brewery has their own hop yard, barley field and their very own yeast strain! The brewery is a gorgeous stone building, has an incredible view from a patio, and an expansive grass area where you can bring your kids and pups to run around. There’s plenty of seating, between tables with umbrellas, or a nice wooden Adirondack chair on the mountainside.

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