WORK in Progress Session IPA

And the Winner is

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first community beer recipe voting for our WORK, Session IPA.

And the winner is:

Work A won! Only by 13 points! Don’t worry, B lovers…with a slight hop tweak, B will become a beer of its own! We already have a name! Thanks for having fun with us! #vacraftbeer #locoaletrtail#loveloudoun #dirtdonthurt

WORK in Progress:

We want to hear from you! Lawn mowing, tubing, camping, grilling, all are right around the corner and we want to brew the perfect Sessionable beer for you! Will you help us decide on the new recipe for WORK, our Session IPA? Come out on any day between March 10-29th and taste our two recipes. You can purchase just the 2 or get them in your flight.

Bonus… bragging rights as a part of our R & D Team! We will have a few jars around the brewery for you to vote.

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