Fodor’s Travel Showcases Dirt Farm

It’s not surprising to us the amount of Press women and the beer industry are getting. Just last month we participated in the Pink Boots Society Collaboration’s 15 Shades of Grissette at Solace Brewing Company. 15 women in the beer industry came together to brew their version of the selected beer style.

Dirt Farm is excited to have the brewery and Janell Zurschmeide featured in the Fodor’s Travel article showcasing just 15 women run breweries from AROUND THE WORLD! Wow yes, the world – not just the United States or the East Coast, but from around the world.  The breweries are listed no particular order, we are number 14.  It’s a great read to learn about so many amazing breweries and should you have travel plans in the future, plan to visit some of the other breweries mentioned in the article.

Excerpt from Fodor’s Travel, April 5, 2018:
15 Craft Beer Breweries Run and Operated by Women
article by Barbara Noe Kennedy

When the first beer was concocted around 7000 B.C., it was a woman at the helm, gathering the grains and brewing the grog. Brewing remained a woman’s job until just 150 years ago or so when men took over during industrialization. Well, women are returning to the brewing room with a vengeance, pushing through the (pint) glass ceiling. They’re making craft beer and heading the business in microbreweries around the world, adding a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that’s blowing up the craft beer scene in exciting new ways. See for yourself how history is coming full circle at these women-run breweries around the world.

Excerpt on Dirt Farm:

The Virginia craft beer business is booming, and Janell Zurschmeide grabbed onto that trend to establish Dirt Farm Brewing on her family’s 400-acre farm in pastoral Loudoun County. In this crowded business, they have a home-field advantage, literally: their own grain, hops, and farm produce, as well as sweet, crystal-clear Bluemont well water. The result? Amazing plow-to-pint beers like Tart 31 Cherry Ale, Som Peach Ale, and Fluster Cluck (a bomb of a seasonal beer mixing apricots, peaches, strawberries, and nectarines).

Read the entire article here

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